Hi, I’m Danielle Doherty, the makeup artist at Flawless by Danielle. I have clinics offering

Permanent Makeup and Microblading in Derbyshire

(Belper and Melbourne in the Derby area) for the brows, eyes and lips. I am also a certified skin therapist offering advanced skincare treatments.

My approach is to create lasting, natural results which enable my clients to feel amazing without makeup. As my client, I pride myself on working very closely with you to offer a service perfectly tailored to your individual requirements, skin type and personal style, so as a result you can:

  • Go makeup free with confidence
  • Remove stress and save you precious time in the mornings
  • Rejuvenate your skin from inside and out
  • Feel your best you yet!


I am a fully certified KB Pro artist, trained to advanced levels across all major disciplines and offer permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner and lip blushing, reshaping and lip liner. Whilst these are known as permanent cosmetic tattoos, the treatments are not truly permanent and fade after a period of time, so I also offer colour boosts and retouches. For more information about my credentials and background, please carry on reading below!

Permanent makeup really is beyond a beauty trend, it’s a beauty revelation! I believe this, because of the results it delivers for thousands of women and men day in day out. My clients often tell me how "having my brows done, has been the best beauty investment i have ever made", and their only regret is not taking the plunge sooner!

For more detailed information about any of my permanent makeup treatments and pricing, please see the latest examples of my work here on my Instagram feed or pop over to my services pages for brows, eyes or lips for more information.


Feeling great without makeup starts with glowing skin! I am a fully certified Nouveau skin therapist and my goal is to help you to improve your overall skin health in a completely natural way so you can love the skin you’re in!

I specialise in offering skin needling treatments using the medical grade Dermatude skincare range, and LED therapy facial treatments for the most natural yet advanced results possible for your individual skin concerns.

For more detailed info about my advanced skincare treatments, go to my skin rejuvenation page.

Please carry on reading about my services and if I can help, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you in the near future to help you look and feel at your best!



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May 12, 2018


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WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A FLAWLESS APPOINTMENT A question I\’m sometimes asked is why my appointments are 2.5 hours long – how much time is spent […]


Following yesterday’s government announcement, I am sad to say that I am now unable to open my clinics for treatments next week.
I will however continue to run my consultations in clinic as planned. So if you have a consultation that will still go ahead and I will look forward to meeting you very soon. 💗

It is unclear as to when myself and other beauty professionals offering facial treatments will be able to open as yet.
It could be from 15th August but we will be waiting for further updates from the government to confirm or further postpone.

I have now been in touch with most clients who have appts booked over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve not heard from me yet, then expect to hear from me later on Monday.

Sending love to you all on this bright sunny evening.
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Here’s my natural beaut of a friend, no makeup. Just brows which I colour boosted over a year ago now along with a soft lash line enhancement eyeliner also 12 months old.

So many of my clients are telling me, that over these past crazy months, they are loving embracing more of a natural look and it’s so much easier to rock it with confidence with permanent makeup. #notimeformakeup #nofilter #nomakeupnoproblem #loveyourbrows #healedbrows

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Flawless by Danielle is partnering with Uniskin Wellness clinic to bring you a truly unique and holistic approach to wellness, aesthetics and beauty.

The guiding principles of team Uniskin are all about ‘helping you to live your best life’.

We will be offering a unique combination of solutions that straddle medicine, aesthetics and beauty to restore, regenerate, rejuvenate and beautify YOU!

All packaged up with love and kindness in a truly beautiful and welcoming environment.

I could not be more excited to be joining such a passionate, knowledgable and darn right special team of people.

Keep your 👀 for updates on the clinics opening and everything we have to offer.
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I am still spinning in excitement and slight disbelief!
I am so happy to confirm that those lovely rumours are in fact true...😆
From the beginning of August I can finally get back to helping you all feel great without makeup again!!!😍👌

Over the course of the next few days I will firstly be contacting all of you lovely lot with appts which should have happened whilst we have been stuck in lockdown. I’m so sorry you’ve had to wait so long!! 😩

I’ll also be contacting anyone who has either had a zoom consultation with me or is on my waitlist to get you booked in for treatments or consultations.

All bookings will be confirmed once your £50 booking fee is paid (not required for perfecting retouch appts).

If you’ve not yet booked in then just drop me a DM or give me a call and I’ll get you scheduled in for a consultation.

Sending lots of celebratory love your way 🥳😍🙌

Tel 07716575752

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For a moment I was beyond excited by the government announcement today.
Beauty salons can open from Monday 13th July. However the restrictions mean no facial treatments or permanent makeup.

As soon as I know more, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, I’ll keep looking forward, and preparing for my return to help you all feel amazing without makeup.

Sending love you way xx

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****** UPDATE. ****** Boris has stolen my joy today!
I am very happy for all of the positive movements closer to normality, and I am not surprised that my industry can not open on the 4th July. However, I was really hoping on a date to focus my energy towards and to communicate to you all.
It wasn’t to be.
As soon as a date for my industry to return is confirmed, I’ll be getting in touch as promised. In the meantime, as well as preparing for my return, (some seriously exciting developments are going to be revealed very soon!!!😆)
I am going to focus on some of the positives from today;

1. My girls can soon have a sleep over at their nana’s (we are all excited about this)
2. We can very soon go out for a meal again! 😋
3. We can start getting out mops spruced up again! 💇‍♀️
4. The weather is blooming beautiful right now! 🌞🌸 Sending love to you all. We will meet again, sometime very soon🥰😘 #waitingpatiently #missmyclients #missingyou
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Creating the most natural looking brows is down to three key ingredients.
One of my creative favourites is following your natural hair growth pattern for a seamless blend into your natural brow hairs.
Here’s the magic three... 1) THE SHAPE
The right shape will take years off and in a way that often others can’t quite pinpoint what’s different about you. It should be tailored to your unique facial structure and features and of course your personal style. I love creating your ideal brow shapes

The pigment blend must be tailored not just to your brow or hair colour but first and foremost to your underlying skin tones for a flattering and natural end result. It also relies on quality pigments. I use multi award winning #kbpropigments
There’s lots of techniques I offer including #microblading #combobrows and #ombrebrows to name a few.
I will ask you lots of questions during your consultation whilst also assessing your skin so I can get to know you and your brow desires before recommending a style and technique. So don’t worry if you’re unsure what you prefer.
The most natural style is to follow your individual growth pattern. This ensures a beautiful natural blend between the hairstrokes and your natural brows. It’s one of my favourite treatment styles I offer because every brow is #unique and special.
Get in touch today to get on my waitlist. I will then contact you to arrange your appt as soon as I have my opening date confirmed in line with the government roadmap. 📲DM 📞 07716575752
📩 info@flawlessbydanielle.co.uk

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My girls helping me bake a cake the best way they know how. #familybaking #chocoholics #bestbitofbaking
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