Hi, I’m Danielle Doherty, the makeup artist at Flawless by Danielle. I have clinics offering

Permanent Makeup and Microblading in Derbyshire

(Belper and Melbourne in the Derby area) for the brows, eyes and lips. I am also a certified skin therapist offering advanced skincare treatments.

My approach is to create lasting, natural results which enable my clients to feel amazing without makeup. As my client, I pride myself on working very closely with you to offer a service perfectly tailored to your individual requirements, skin type and personal style, so as a result you can:

  • Go makeup free with confidence
  • Remove stress and save you precious time in the mornings
  • Rejuvenate your skin from inside and out
  • Feel your best you yet!


I am a fully certified KB Pro artist, trained to advanced levels across all major disciplines and offer permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner and lip blushing, reshaping and lip liner. Whilst these are known as permanent cosmetic tattoos, the treatments are not truly permanent and fade after a period of time, so I also offer colour boosts and retouches. For more information about my credentials and background, please carry on reading below!

Permanent makeup really is beyond a beauty trend, it’s a beauty revelation! I believe this, because of the results it delivers for thousands of women and men day in day out. My clients often tell me how "having my brows done, has been the best beauty investment i have ever made", and their only regret is not taking the plunge sooner!

For more detailed information about any of my permanent makeup treatments and pricing, please see the latest examples of my work here on my Instagram feed or pop over to my services pages for brows, eyes or lips for more information.


Feeling great without makeup starts with glowing skin! I am a fully certified Nouveau skin therapist and my goal is to help you to improve your overall skin health in a completely natural way so you can love the skin you’re in!

I specialise in offering skin needling treatments using the medical grade Dermatude skincare range, and LED therapy facial treatments for the most natural yet advanced results possible for your individual skin concerns.

For more detailed info about my advanced skincare treatments, go to my skin rejuvenation page.

Please carry on reading about my services and if I can help, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you in the near future to help you look and feel at your best!



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What is a lip blush?

A lip blush is a permanent makeup treatment for the lips where pigment is implanted in the lip tissue. The treatment improves the definition of the lips, creates the illusion of fullness and can also improve the symmetry of the lips.
Lip enhancement also instantly brighten your complexion.

The lips are not made any ‘bigger’ but they appear fuller just as they do when we apply lipstick or lip gloss.👌💋💋💋

In this example my client already has beautiful full lips but wanted a warmer and even tone to the lips which are naturally very cool.
#liptattoo! #lipenhancement #naturalbeauty

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This week has been a lot about reconstructing brows which have thinned out.
Did you know that I actually spent 10 years, including all of my teenage years without any eyebrows or eyelashes?
This is where my passion for reconstructing your brows comes from.

Brows have such a huge impact on appearance. But it’s about so much more than how brows make us look. It’s about the impact on self esteem, confidence, loving yourself and life. #browsbackbounceback #browreconstruction #loveyourbrows #bladeandshade #microbladingderby #microbladingderbyshire

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HD Brows now available at Flawless by Danielle (at Uniskin Wellness clinic only).

It’s time to keep those brows looking forever on point with a bespoke brow tinting, waxing, threading and finishing treatment.
£10 off for the first 10 clients who book.
Patch test required 48 hours prior to appt.
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Sunday night already, time to prep for the week ahead.
I’m so excited for my HD brows training this week. Then I’ll be able to help you all keep your brows looking tip top tidy between appts. It will also be a great way to get a feel for what a positive difference a new brow shape can make if you’re not quite ready to commitment to a permanent makeup treatment just yet.

To book your HD brows treatment with me (only available at my Belper clinic) get in touch with me directly or call the @uniskin team (patch test will be required).

Brows created using KB Pro pigment in Paris. And combination of 14 curved micro #glider and #vertixnano

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Here I am carrying out those all important final checks to see what tweaks are required before I present you with your amazing new brows.

🔍 How long will my new brows last?

For most brow treatments, you should expect your treatment to last anywhere between 12-18mths before needing a colourboost maintenance treatment.
This is where I reinvigorate you’re brow shape with fresh pigment. It’s also an opportunity to switch the style of your brow treatment to reflect new trends or changes to your personal style.

🔍 How will I know if I’m ready for my colourboost maintenance treatment?

Your brows will have faded enough for you to be applying makeup to the brows but with the shape still visible. If you’re not sure, come and meet me for your free colourboost consultation. I offer this to all clients.
During your consultation I will assess your brows to see how they have faded. I won’t carry out the treatment if I don’t think they’re ready.
It’s just as important to me me, as it is to you, that you maintain a beautiful natural look, long term.

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Every brow tells a story and it should be unique because so are you. At your consultation I like to get a really good feel for why you want the treatment, what treatment styles you like and dislike and what ‘a natural looking brow’ means to you.

Understanding all of this helps me to create your perfect brows. #beuniquebeyou #loveyourbrows #youbutbetter #microbladingderby #browgame #flawlessbydanielle1 #uniskinbelper #naturalbeauty #beautybloggeruk #greatbrows

Brows reflect your personality and can make whatever statement you want to make with them. It may be strong and bold like my Amazonian beauties from the weekend post. Or soft, simple and au naturale like these equally beautiful yet oh so different brows.

My client was worried about getting her brows done (many clients are, and understandably. The treatment is on your face and for a long time. You may want a change but feel anxious about what that change might actually be. I will put you at ease and spend plenty of time working to create your ideal shape and style that is perfectly suited to you. #yourbrows #youbutbetter #ageappropriatebrows #loveyourself #loveyourbrowsagain #browreconstruction #newyou #microbladingderby #browartistry #browartist #naturalbrows #flawlessbydanielle1 #uniskinbelper #belperderbyshire

Just look at this beautiful woman!
This is Tania Malan, the business owner, clinician and medical wonder at Uniskin.
She’s smiling as I’ve just done her brows. After waiting for what felt like a lifetime it was finally her turn yesterday.
Her request was for ‘strong Amazonian sexy woman brows!’
Doesn’t she look amazing?! Her brows are strong and so is she. So the look is bold, beautiful whilst still being a natural fit and look.

Tania, it was so much fun creating your new brows. Working with you is a dream! #bettertogether #betterlatethannever #youbutbetter #strongandsexy #strongwomen #strongertogether #teamwork #microbladingartist #browgamestrong #browsonpoint #loveyourbrows #browgoals #realbrowsforrealpeople #uniskin #uniskinbelper #flawlessbydanielle1

Yesterday was all about the ombré powder brow. Brightening and opening up those eyes!
Powder brows really don’t have to be heavy at all. The colour is layered and the end result achieved can be from super soft to super bold!
We will discuss this as part of your consultation to make sure we achieve the end result that meets your brow desires! #powderbrows #loveyourbrowsagain #youbutbetter #ombrébrows

Look at the magic that happens when aesthetics and permanent makeup meet in the middle through subtle and sophisticated muscle relaxation and brow lifting. It is quite literally eye opening!
#bettertogether #youbutbetter #uniskinbelper #flawlessbydanielle1

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