Creating perfect brows which give my clients the confidence and freedom to feel at their best, is one of my greatest pleasures. and I focus on creating Natural Hair Stroke/Microblading and Combination/Ombré brows.
As an artist I am completely passionate about creating for my clients perfect and beautifully unique brows. Microblading and ombré brows are such a pleasure to do! Have a look at my work and you will notice that they are not a standard 'unifrom' of identical brows. Instead they are all individually tailored. I work closely with you, taking the time to understand your requirements, your facial structure, existing brow shape, hair colour, skin type and tone to ensure that I create the most natural and ideal look for you and your personal style.
Do you have little, over plucked brows or no brow hair? or maybe you have lots of brow hair but want to perfect your overall shape? Whatever your reason for wanting a permanent brow treatment I offer a variety of techniques and applications which can address most brow concerns or desires.
I will create the illusion of brow density by creating a fabulous brow shape which is perfectly in tune with your face shape, colouring and your personal style. You can then expect a fantastic lasting result. In fact, one of my brow treatments could be the best beauty investment you decide to make.
There are three key parts to all of my treatments: the consultation, the treatment itself and a perfecting retouch appointment.
A detailed and thorough personal consultation is carried out as part of most of my treatments, if so, I will be in touch to have a ‘getting to know you’ call prior to your treatment day. Alternatively you can come and meet me for a free discussion before you decide to take the plunge. During our call or consultation I will explore your reasons for wanting the treatment and the look you want to achieve. It is also an opportunity to address any further questions you may have running through your mind before the treatment.
A skin test and health check form is required to be completed ahead of your first appointment. I will also share with you the pre- and aftercare advice as part of your booking confirmation so that you know exactly what to expect prior to your treatment.

See the latest examples of my work here

  • ✓ Want to improve your current brow shape / fill in gaps?
  • ✓ Over plucked or no brows?
  • ✓ Not confident/able of correctly applying makeup?
  • ✓ Want to look good when exercising without having to apply makeup?
  • ✓ Cannot find suitable makeup products for your colouring?
  • ✓ Or maybe you just want to remove a bit of unnecessary stress and save time on your beauty routine in the mornings?


Want an ultra natural appearance?

Go for hair stroke microblade or machine brows.

Natural Hairstroke brows

I use the KB Pro advanced realism technique to create the most natural looking microbladed brows.
What does this mean? By following the natural flow of your brow growth pattern and adding the tiniest and finest of hair strokes I create a beautiful and fluffy textured
set of brows which mimic the illusion of natural hair. This is the most natural look and suitable for clients who want to fill in gaps, improve the overall shape of your
natural brow or even symmetry without looking ‘made up’.

Want a more made up look?

For those of you who like to ‘wake up with makeup’ I also offer various styles of combination and powder brow techniques which create subtly different but equally
striking brows.

Combination or Ombré powder brow

Ombré, sculpted or fusion brows are all beautiful and on trend brow styles which each incorporate shading techniques. An ombré brow is a full ‘powder’ style brow with
a beautiful diffusion of colour in the bulb and towards the edges of the brows, so no block powder brows here thank you! A sculpted brow incorporates hair strokes
and shading for a sculpted arch and bottom line of the brow. A real glam brow. The fusion technique also incorporates hair-strokes and a small amount of diffused
shading to add a further hue of density in the body of the brow. Perfect for anyone with patchy brows or very little brow hair.

Colour boost

Upto 12 months £150
12 months - 2 years £180

A colour boost appointment is normally recommended 12-18months after you have completed your first treatment. This appt will reinvigorate your brows as I apply more pigment to your existing template. This keeps your brows looking fresh. It’s a single appointment and prices are based on the timeframe since your last treatment.

Existing clients will be invited to a free colour boost consultation at 12 months. This is a 15 minute session where I will assess your current brow colour and shape
and help you decide the optimal timing for keeping your brows looking their best. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss other brow treatment options you may be
interested in exploring when you’re ready for updating your look.

Corrective work

Cost - POA

If you have had previous permanent makeup or microblading and you want me to improve the shape and/or colour I can offer a corrective service. The price will be
dependent the number of appointments which may be required to correct the brows and bring them back to the full glory they deserve.


HD brows are the ultimate brow perfecting treatment for brows which are not ready for permanent makeup or for clients who want to keep their brows looking perfect between colourboosts.
The treatment includes full custom blended brow tinting, shaping the brows with both waxing and threading. Then finishing the brows with makeup (where required). Hair regrowth programmes are also available. We recommend having HD brows every 6 weeks.


HD brow sculpt is a brow lamination treatment. The treatment involves relaxing and then resetting the natural brow hairs so that they appear longer and fuller. You may have seen lots of brushed up brows on instagram. This is one of the looks that can be achieved through this treatment.
It is also incredible for clients with coarse or unruly brow hairs. The treatment will tame the hairs and they can be set to create a more defined and fuller looking brow.
The treatment includes full custom blended brow tinting, shaping the brows with both waxing and threading. Then finishing the brows with makeup (where required). I recommend a brow lamination every 8 weeks (or between standard HD brow treatments.



During the consultation I will assess your face shape and structure, skin tone, hair colouring and existing brow shape and density in order to determine the most
suitable application (microblade or machine operated needle) and style to meet your requirements. I create your brow shape initially with a pencil working very
closely with you throughout the process. This artistry section is a very important part of the process and I will not start the treatment until you are completely
satisfied with the shape. I will also swatch different pigment options so you can visualise the colour of the end result. I will gently guide and advise you throughout the
entire process but you can rest assured that you will be in control.


Depending on your chosen style and application the treatment itself will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Your chosen treatment is created using either
the microblade or the machine operated needle which I use to gently implant pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. I will make you feel completely at ease and
comfortable throughout the procedure and will take you through the aftercare requirements.


All clients will require at least one perfecting retouch appointment. Ideally around 6 weeks after your initial appointment but this can be anywhere from 4-12 weeks
after your first treatment. The retouch is required to apply additional pigment to the brows. This is due to the fact that as the skin heals certain areas may not retain
the pigment as well as others. This is all completely normal and varies from one skin type to another.



Are you looking for someone to provide great looking permanent microblading, combination or Ombre brows? Then look no further. Read on for everything you need to know about my services.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain thresholds are different so it is possible some may experience some mild discomfort during the treatment. However, most of my clients tell me they feel relaxed while in my care, and I have even had some of my clients fall asleep while I am creating their natural hair stroke brows during the treatment!
However, I will apply some numbing product to the brow area and help ensure you feel comfortable throughout.

Will it look natural?

Yes! I specialise in providing natural hair stroke eyebrows. Of course, It will take a little time for the skin to recover from the procedure, but the end results will look beautifully natural, exactly the way you want it. During the consultation process, I will take the time to fully understand what you want to achieve from this treatment. People’s styles and choice of looks can vary from one person to the next, so it is important for you to have a good idea of the look you are going for when you come for your consultation. I also work with a variety of pigment types and brands in order to ensure I can create the perfect colour match for you and your individual skin type. I also encourage you to have a good look at my portfolio of work, that you can find on my website gallery and on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here, you will see that I have offered and provided my many customers with a choice of styles that have been completely tailored to each client’s request.
For example, Ombre eyebrows, Derby clients can book, is a form of applying semi-permanent makeup that can provide a soft shaded pencil brow look. I also carry out a treatment called combination eyebrows in Derby, that uses both techniques of microblading and Ombre to match the style and definition you specifically want from your treatment. By providing you with this choice, I can tailor my services to meet with the choices and preferences of each of my clients.
To begin with, just after treatment, the initial colour intensity will be approximately 30-50% darker than the colour you choose. However, this is just until your skin and the colour settle and the artistic hair strokes, I have created, soften. Then, once both these changes have occurred, you will be left with a beautifully natural result.

How long does the treatment last?

This depends on a number of factors. The results of the microblade eyebrows, Belper customers can book, can last anything from 12-24 months. The key factors which affect the longevity of your permanent makeup are; the level of sun exposure, your skin type, lifestyle factors and certain medical conditions, or medications taken either at the time or after the treatment. I recommend a colour boost maintenance treatment approx. 12-18 months after your first treatment. This will keep your permanent makeup and natural hairstroke brows looking fresher for longer.
Please see my services pages for more details, including the costs for my colour boost treatments.

Will you need to remove any of my existing brow hairs?

I find that the best results come when I work to enhance whatever existing brow hair you already have. This also means that keeping your brows looking great takes less maintenance overall. In some instances, a small amount of brow hair may need to be removed in order to tidy the area and ensure your finished shape looks its best. However, I will always ensure each of my clients are consulted on any recommendations of this subject and that you are in full agreement before any potential hair removal takes place.

Is a permanent brow treatment for me?

Permanent makeup and microblading is hugely versatile and can offer a long-term low-maintenance solution of makeup application for both men and women. If you want a longer-term solution so you can have great looking brows every day, then microblading may be the answer for you.
Just think! Do you….

  • ✓ Want and need to improve your current brow shape / and perhaps fill in any unwanted gaps?
  • ✓ Have over plucked or no brows?
  • ✓ Feel a lack of confidence in your own daily makeup routine and look?
  • ✓ Find you cannot source suitable makeup products for your colouring?
  • ✓ Want to save time on your beauty routine in the mornings?
  • ✓ Want to look good when exercising, swimming, or relaxing on holiday without having to apply makeup?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any or more of the above questions, then our treatments for permanent eyebrows Belper local customers have available to them, may be just the thing for you.

How do I pick the right artist to carry out my eyebrow’s treatment in Belper?

When you are searching the internet and area looking for ‘permanent eyebrow makeup near me’, here are a few tips to help you find the right service for you:

⚫ Always look at the past examples of any artists work by checking their portfolio. Make sure the pictures you are seeing are of the beautician’s own work, and not just examples of the kind of work they proport to do. All of the work you will find in my gallery is my own, and I encourage you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for regular posts and examples of my latest work.

As any permanent makeup is an art form, and should always be of a good quality, when you compare the different artists work, you will get a good feel for the level of quality and individual style of each person’s service, as well as what you want from a permanent makeup artist.

⚫ Check the artists credentials. I am a fully qualified, licensed and insured artist. I have been awarded with L4IQ award in full face permanent makeup. I trained with the KB Pro, the UK’s leading brand in permanent cosmetics. I am proud to continue developing my skills and attending advanced training and workshops to make sure I can offer the latest trends and techniques for all of my clients.

⚫ Don’t just try and find the cheapest ‘artist’ you can find. Quality, and professionalism is paramount when you are considering where to have your permanent makeup treatment carried out. These techniques and treatments require a high level of skill and a basic understanding of skin repair, the healing processes and colour theory. To achieve the level of skill needed it takes a lot of time, commitment, and a passion for the art form itself. Therefore, when you are searching the internet for “an artist to carry out microblade eyebrows near me” you should be prepared to go wherever you can to find a reputable beauty artist that uses the highest quality products and is known to adhere to safety standards. So, don’t be afraid to ask your artist about their products, where they come from, and for their credentials!

⚫ Make sure you have a full consultation before you have any treatment. I encourage you to get in touch prior to booking. Please give me a call, or fill in your contact details here and I will get back to you to arrange a free no obligation consultation for any of my treatments.


Is there anything I should avoid doing leading up to my treatment?

⚫ Sunshine holidays less than 2 weeks before your permanent makeup treatment should be avoided as any sun damage will impact on the pigment retention. As sun tanning and the permanent makeup techniques both involve some minor damage or trauma to the skin, doing both in such a close timescale can damage the skin more severely.

⚫ If you wax your brows, this should be done no closer than 4 days prior to your treatment.

⚫ If you tint your brows this should be done no closer than one week prior to your treatment.

⚫ Unless prescribed (we will cover this in your consultation) you should not take any ibuprofen or aspirin 24 hours prior to your appointment as these medications are known to thin the blood.

⚫ Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment.

⚫Avoid highly caffeinated drinks on the morning of your procedure.

⚫ If you are having Botox done, this should ideally be carried out after a permanent makeup treatment has been completed, and no closer than 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

What does the treatment involve?

Please see the services section under ‘Brows’ where I have outlined the simple three key stages of your treatment - consultation, the treatment, and the perfecting retouch appointment – in the content entitled ‘The Treatment Process Explained”.


Can I wear makeup after the treatment?

You should wait until the treatment area has healed before wearing any additional cosmetics. My recommendation is to treat the area like you would a wound to prevent any risk of infection or any unnecessary damage to the area. You should also avoid the use of traditional cleansing products in the treatment area whilst it heals. However, the results I can provide is definitely worth a few days without makeup, to help ensure your brows look nothing short of fabulous!

Here is how to care for your microblading, or ombre powder brows in Belper.

You need to avoid getting your brows saturated in water for the first two weeks after your visit.

⚫ You need to avoid getting your brows wet for the first two weeks.

⚫ To keep the area clean blot the brows gently with a damp cotton pad using sterile water or micro tonic to gently clean the area. Keep doing this morning and night and apply a small measure of the specialist micro balm healing product I will provide you with. Any other facial skincare products should be avoided in the treatment area during the initial healing period. Further information on how to use the balm will be provided in person. (Clients sometimes worry about how they can keep their brows dry during this time. However, although you can still wash your hair and shower, I do recommend that you keep your face away from the running water. But if you do get the odd splash of water on your face, don’t panic! Just gently pat the brows with a clean lint free cloth or cotton pad. What is of most importance is that you keep the treatment area clean and avoid the brows getting saturated during the initial healing phase.)

⚫ As stated above, do not wear any makeup until the surface heals.

⚫ Avoid rigorous exercise during this initial healing period as the saline in your sweat will impact the quality of pigment retention.

⚫ Avoid direct sun exposure or sunbeds for at least 2 weeks after your treatment application.

⚫ Avoid chlorinated pools and jacuzzies for two weeks. If you still aren’t sure about what you should do during this period, do not worry. I will take you through the aftercare, and email you a guide along with your treatment booking. In order to ensure the best possible end result for your permanent makeup treatment we highly recommend that you stick to the course of actions as noted above. For further information, please contact me.

Is there anything I should avoid doing after my treatment and for how long?

In order to ensure the best possible end result for your permanent makeup treatment you should avoid the following for the first two weeks after your treatmentand retouch appointment;

⚫ Sunbeds or holidays in hot climates should be avoided altogether. This is very important as sun damage (even from just a ‘tan’) will have a direct impact on the
quality of skin healing and can lead to scarring if the healing skin is burnt by the suns rays. It will also definitely impact the level of pigment retention. Please take this
into consideration when booking your treatment and re-touch appointment.

⚫ Dry healing is usually the best way for your brows to heal. So keep them dry even when showering and washing your hair during the first two weeks. Cleanse around the brow area and pat the area dry should you get it wet at all.

⚫ Chlorinated pools or Jacuzzis

⚫ Vigorous exercise - the saline in your sweat will definitely affect the quality of pigment retention

Microblading and ombré brows