Over the years we lose definition and natural pigment to our lips. Youthful lips on the other hand have a natural flush of colour and fullness about them, and (for the lucky ones) perfect symmetry. All of these things together form the bedrock of truly natural beautiful looking lips.
A lip treatment can address all of these issues, creating the illusion of more symmetrical, fuller, better defined lips. So whether you want a completely natural look whereby people will never know they have been ‘done’, only that they look sooo much more vibrant and youthful looking. Or if you want your lips and their colour to make a statement. A lip treatment is for you.

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  • ✓ Pale lips
  • ✓ Unsymmetrical lips
  • ✓ Lips lacking definition
  • ✓ If you want your lips to look great without the need for makeup
  • ✓ Anyone not confident or capable of applying lip colour correctly
  • ✓ Anyone who wants to save time on your beauty routine in the mornings

Lip perfecting and invisible liner treatment

Colour boost
Upto 18 months £145
18 months - 2 years £175

A colour boost appointment is normally recommended between 12-18 months after your first treatment. However I will assess this at your free colour boost consultation first as the timeframe for requiring a colour boost will vary significantly from one person to the next based on a number of factors. At the colour boost I will reinvigorate your lip treatment by applying more pigment to your existing design. This keeps your lip colour looking fresh and fabulous. It’s a single appointment and prices are based on the timeframe since your last treatment.

Existing clients will be invited to a free colour boost consultation at 12 months. This is a 15 minute session where I will assess your current lip design and colour and help you decide the optimal timing for your colour boost appointment in order to keep your lips looking their best but without adding more pigment where it may not be required.

The treatment process explained


During the consultation I will explore your reasons for wanting the treatment, what lip colours you may wear and when, your skin undertones along with the desired look you want to achieve. During the artistry phase of the treatment I will address the overall shaping and colouring to create your individual perfect shape and pigment choice. I will first of all create the lip outline using a lip pencil, so you can visualise the final shape. I will also swatch different pigment options so you can visualise the colour of the end result and ensure the appropriate pigment blend is used to create your desired style and overall look. I will not start the treatment until you are completely satisfied with the shape and colour.


The treatment involves me using a specialist machine with fine needles to slowly and gently implant the pigment throughout the lip area. Depending on your chosen style the treatment itself will take approximately 90mins hour to complete. I will make you feel completely at ease and comfortable throughout the procedure and will take you through the aftercare requirements directly after the treatment but will also share this information at the time of booking so you know what to expect.


All clients will require at least one perfecting retouch appointment. Ideally 6 weeks after your initial appointment but this can be anywhere from 4-12 weeks after your first treatment. The retouch is required to apply additional pigment to the lip shape. This is due to the fact that as the skin heals certain ares may not retain the pigment as well as others. This is all completely normal and varies from one skin type to another.



Does it hurt?

Due to the nature of our lips being more vascular and sensitive compared with other areas of the body, it is normal to feel a small amount of discomfort during a lip treatment compared to other permanent cosmetic treatments. That being said, I apply a topical anaesthetic to the treatment area to numb the lips and minimise any discomfort. I will put you at ease and make you as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment.

Does it look natural?

Absolutely, no trout pouts or scary lip lines here! Just fabulously defined and coloured lips. The KB Pro pigment range is vast and includes various super natural shades and colour depths which can be adapted to suit all requirements. However if you want a forever statement lip look, this can also be achieved with one of the bolder colours. The colour intensity directly after the treatment will be approximately 50-70% darker in colour compared to the healed result but this will subside approximately a week after the treatment once the surface level skin has healed.

Will the treatment cause cold sores?

No. A permanent makeup treatment will not cause coldsores. However if you suffer from cold-sores, the herpes simplex virus will lay dormant in the system and the treatment can arouse the virus leading to coldsores if untreated.

I suffer from cold sores, can I still have a lip treatment?

Yes. However due to what has been described in the FAQ above, you should consult with your GP prior to the treatment so that, if necessary, any medication can be prescribed to be taken ahead of and directly after the treatment to prevent the risk of an outbreak.


Is there anything I should avoid doing leading up to my treatment?

⚫ Sunshine holidays should be no closer than 2 weeks prior to or post your permanent makeup treatment as the sun damage to your lips can affect both the healing of the skin and the quality of pigment retention

⚫ Unless prescribed you should not take any ibrupofren or aspirin 24 hours prior to your appt as this thins the blood. If this is a prescribed medicine be sure to make your artist aware in good time before your booked appt.

⚫ Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to your appt.

⚫ Avoid highly caffeinated drinks on the morning of your procedure

What does the treatment involve?

See the services section where I have outlined the details of the three key Stages of your treatment - Consultation, the treatment and the perfecting retouch appointment.


Can I wear makeup after the treatment?

You will need to wait until the treatment area has healed before wearing any traditional cosmetics. My recommendation is to treat the area like you would a wound to prevent any risk of infection. It is definitely worth a few days without makeup to help ensure the healed results are nothing short of fabulous!

How will my lips look after my treatment?

Straight after the treatment the colour intensity of the lips will be approximately 50-70% and this will last for approximately 7-10 days after the treatment. It is also completely normal for your lips to feel tender and look slightly swollen and dry for the first few days whilst the surface level is healing. The healed results will begin to come through after about two weeks. The healed results will be beautiful and natural looking.

Is there anything I should avoid doing after my treatment and for how long?

In order to ensure the best possible end result for your permanent makeup treatment you should avoid the following;

⚫ Avoid wearing makeup whilst the skin surface is healing. This is to prevent the risk of infection in the treated area.

⚫ Sunbeds or holidays in hot climates should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks after your treatment. This is very important as sun damage (even from just a ‘tan’) will have a direct impact on your skins healing time and overall pigment retention.

⚫ Keep the treatment area as dry as possible or the first two weeks only applying the healing product provided sparingly as advised at your appointment.

⚫ Chlorinated pools or Jacuzzis

⚫ Vigorous exercise - the saline in your sweat will definitely affect the quality of pigment retention